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Weakness and Excelences Of LG KF600

LG KF600 has excellences for example is fashionable and goodly multimedia ability like equlizer and make playlist song. Other Excellence is the touchpad technology so-called as InteractPad. This InteractPad slated for replace keypad.

Meanwhile the weakness of LG KF600 for example is its camera that only 3 megapixel and have not yet support 3G.

Specification Of Sony Ericsson F305

Sony Ericsson F305 has display screen 262 thousand colours with simple camera.

Although has not yet been competent called as celullar phone game, Sony Ericsson F305 equiped wit special button to play game and existence of special feature to all gamer that is feature Sporting Motion Gaming.

Sony Ericsson F305 can be told as celullar phone multimedia because the feature entertainment that can be said nice and provided with speaker stereo.

Nokia N79Feature Geotaging in Nokia N79

Yes, feature geotaging at one's fingertips in camera phone Nokia N79 5 megapixel. consecution, This add the sophisticated feature of Nokia N79 besides autofokus and flash lamp.

Substrahend noise feature that attached in Nokia N79 is key why result of Nokia N79 camera is very nice.

Nokia N79 not forgets figure in video recorder feature which is has high speed 30fps VGA with supporting feature regulator of colour effect, regulator balance white colour and mode night.

Sony Ericsson C905iSony Ericsson C905i Camera Phone 8 Mpx

Sony Ericsson C905i coronate as handphone best camera at this time. With supported camera resolution 8 mpx, Sony Ericsson C905i provided with lamp of technology flash Xenon, autofokus, LED and macro and night mode regulator. In other hand Sony Ericsson C905i provides feature BestPict.

Nevertheless for video recorder, Sony Ericsson C905i still QVGA though already have the speed of high 30fps.

CDMA Phone Nokia 2608 The Next Of Nokias 2505

Nokia will not eliminate successfulness of CDMA folds Nokia 2505, this condition proven by being launched Nokia 2608.

Its form is fold with beautiful and inviting design Nokia 2608 will very compatible for girl and also young mothers that will like associate with more than anything else there is choice 3 very attractive colours.

Main Feature that carried by Nokia 2608 is for example radio FM, indicator lamp, Flashlight, internet modem, memory 1,5 MB, 3 Jack Headsets 2.5 and microSD.

Phone Fold Nokia 2605

The newest Series the row of celullar phone folds from Nokia which is Nokia 2605.

Nokia 2605 this rely on its connection uses Bluetooth. In other hand there is interesting feature is conducive add X-press-on replacement 3 display that is lineses, ningtang and flower.

Celullar phone folds Nokia 2605 is fashionable phone. Its plan will be marketed in Verizon Wireless. Others feature from Nokia 2605 is camera VGA, bult-in speaker, recognition voice intenal and eksternal screen.

Motorola VE538 Feature And Specification

Motorola VE538 is part of celullar phone that supported 3G. Motorola VE538 is also provided with MP3 player feature and memory that can be expanded by slot microSD till 4GB.

There are two cameras that brought by Motorola VE538 which is 2 megapoixel camere for taking picture and VGA for video calling. Video recording that can be played for example MPEG-4, H.263, H.264 and 3GP.

For network connectivity Motorola VE538 provides bluetooth A2DP and USB.

LG KC910 Features Dan Specifications

LG KC910 is one of product LG that will enter Indonesia in 2009. LG KC910 have similar body with PDA and screen 3 inchi. Camera that brought by LG KC910 is 8 MP resolution complete with flash lamp xenon and can record video with resolution VGA and slow motion till 120 pictures perdetik.

For internet connection LG KC910 has supported 3G HSDPA whereas for network LG KC910 relied on bluetooth, WiFI and USB.

Other suphisticated LG KC910 for example available its TV-Out and voice quality dolby and can turn around video and format Xvid and DivX.

Price And Specification China Cellular Mito 828

There is new term to mention product celullar phones China that is Pocin (Celullar phone China). One of product pocin is MITO 828. What specification feature of MITO 828 ?

Like most pocin at this time, feature that brought pocin is not stay behind with product celullar phones from Europe and Japan even they offer cheap price with compete technology. For example MITO 828 that has specification such as TV Tuner, Dual On GSM-CDMA and camera 1,3 MP.

For price, MITO 828 with specification above only around 1,8 million rupiahs.

Riches And Poor Nokia N73 Music Edition

The riches of Nokia N73 Music Edition for example optic Carl Zeiss 3.2 megapixels, memory 2GB miniSD your card 36, big screen and speaker stereo 3-d.

Whereas insuffiency Nokia N73 Music Edition for example tardy respon and knob keypad to close.

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