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Insuffiency Or Weakness Of Samsung Omnia i900

Samsung Omnia i900 uses technology toucscreen and HSDPA till 7,2 Mbps and use operating Windows System Mobile 6.1 Professional. Whereas insuffiency or weakness of Samsung Omnia i900 is screen will turn tail if under sunshine, slot of memory card not hot-swap, wasteful battery, tardy, resolution not standard, screen easy patched sweat, hole USB is not standard and touchscreen without stylus the result less accurate.

Insuffiency Or Weakness Samsung Omnia i900

Insuffiency Or Weakness of iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G with supported taoucscreen 16 million colours and HSDPA uses Operating System Mac OSX v10.4.10. iPhone 3G also has insuffiency for example bluetooth not supports A2dp and not stereo, camera only 2 megapiksels, no front camera for video call, no video recorder too ,can not change ringtone, can not send MMS, no slot of addition memory and no radio FM.

Insuffiency Or Weakness of iPhone 3G

ViTELL V788 Dual Mode GSM CDMA

ViTELL V788 is cellphone Dual Mode GSM and CDMA that can be active all concurrently as behave two cellphone. ViTELL V788 has screenl] 2 inch with simple camera. microSD till 2GB. ViTELL V788's interesting feature is schedule time cellphone off. Connection ViTELL V788 uses Bluetooth and cable USB and available colour is black colour only.

LG KM380TCellphone Music LG KM380T

LG KM380T was just launched at november 2008 with price around 2 million rupiah.

Appearance LG KM380T quite captures and seen luxuriant with surface that gleam.

As music cellphone LG KM380T gives song bonus that has been attached. To share music with other, LG KM380T can be striked to external speaker pass by jack audio 3,5 mm.

LG KM380T also equiped with camera 1,2 megapixel but there is no knob separate shutter so must use knob D-pad to shoot.

For connectivity between peripheral LG KM380T uses data cable, miniUSB and Bluetooth whereas for internet LG KM380T rely ons GPRS and EDGE.

LG KS20Price And Specification Of LG KS20

Price of LG KS20 at the market is predicted around 3,7 million rupiah. The price is not too expensive for smartphone.

Smartphone LG KS20 has sophisticated specification and elegant design and slim.

Screentouch TFT LG KS20 has resolution 240x320 pixel.

In other hand LG KS20 is provided with camera 2 megapixel, autofocus and lamp LED.

LG KS20 also supports videocall and reliable video record.

Processor that used by LG KS20 is Qualcom 400 Mhz with operating system MS. Windows Mobile 6.0 Professionals.

Whereas for the conectifity LG KS20 uses HSDPA, bluetooth A2DP, Wifi, EDGE and GPRS.

HiTech H52HiTech H52 TV Analog Phone

HiTech already launched its newest product that is HiTech H52 with double appearance clip that intended to differentiate TV function and celullar phone.

Price at the market HiTech H52 is around 1,9 million rupiah.

With that price you has got TV Analog, memory slot that can in up sampai 8GB, pemutar mp3/mp4, recorder Audio/video and camera VGA.

As connectivity HiTech H52 rely on Bluetooth A2DP.

HiTech G32 Dual On GSM

HiTech gives cheap cellular phone alternative with interesting feature that is HiTech G32.

HiTech G32 are sold at the market with price under 1 million rupiah.

Main Feature from Hi-Tech G32 for example Dual On GSM, video/audio player and recorder, camera VGA, radio FM, GPRS and WAP.

Samsung S7330Price Samsung S7330 around 3 Million Rupiah

Samsung S7330 that spelled out members cheap version of Samsung U900 Soul, sold with price around Rp. 3.000.000,-.

This Cellular phone uses touch screen technology as navigation and already used HSDPA.

Samsung S7330 provided with camera 3,15 megapixsel autofocuse with memory capacities that can be upgraded by provide slot microSD.

The Cellular phone that attached Radio FM stereo uses Bluetooth as konectivity.

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