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Insuffiency Or Weakness Of Samsung Omnia i900

Samsung Omnia i900 uses technology toucscreen and HSDPA till 7,2 Mbps and use operating Windows System Mobile 6.1 Professional. Whereas insuffiency or weakness of Samsung Omnia i900 is screen will turn tail if under sunshine, slot of memory card not hot-swap, wasteful battery, tardy, resolution not standard, screen easy patched sweat, hole USB is not standard and touchscreen without stylus the result less accurate.

Insuffiency Or Weakness Samsung Omnia i900

Insuffiency Or Weakness of iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G with supported taoucscreen 16 million colours and HSDPA uses Operating System Mac OSX v10.4.10. iPhone 3G also has insuffiency for example bluetooth not supports A2dp and not stereo, camera only 2 megapiksels, no front camera for video call, no video recorder too ,can not change ringtone, can not send MMS, no slot of addition memory and no radio FM.

Insuffiency Or Weakness of iPhone 3G

ViTELL V788 Dual Mode GSM CDMA

ViTELL V788 is cellphone Dual Mode GSM and CDMA that can be active all concurrently as behave two cellphone. ViTELL V788 has screenl] 2 inch with simple camera. microSD till 2GB. ViTELL V788's interesting feature is schedule time cellphone off. Connection ViTELL V788 uses Bluetooth and cable USB and available colour is black colour only.

LG KM380TCellphone Music LG KM380T

LG KM380T was just launched at november 2008 with price around 2 million rupiah.

Appearance LG KM380T quite captures and seen luxuriant with surface that gleam.

As music cellphone LG KM380T gives song bonus that has been attached. To share music with other, LG KM380T can be striked to external speaker pass by jack audio 3,5 mm.

LG KM380T also equiped with camera 1,2 megapixel but there is no knob separate shutter so must use knob D-pad to shoot.

For connectivity between peripheral LG KM380T uses data cable, miniUSB and Bluetooth whereas for internet LG KM380T rely ons GPRS and EDGE.

LG KS20Price And Specification Of LG KS20

Price of LG KS20 at the market is predicted around 3,7 million rupiah. The price is not too expensive for smartphone.

Smartphone LG KS20 has sophisticated specification and elegant design and slim.

Screentouch TFT LG KS20 has resolution 240x320 pixel.

In other hand LG KS20 is provided with camera 2 megapixel, autofocus and lamp LED.

LG KS20 also supports videocall and reliable video record.

Processor that used by LG KS20 is Qualcom 400 Mhz with operating system MS. Windows Mobile 6.0 Professionals.

Whereas for the conectifity LG KS20 uses HSDPA, bluetooth A2DP, Wifi, EDGE and GPRS.

HiTech H52HiTech H52 TV Analog Phone

HiTech already launched its newest product that is HiTech H52 with double appearance clip that intended to differentiate TV function and celullar phone.

Price at the market HiTech H52 is around 1,9 million rupiah.

With that price you has got TV Analog, memory slot that can in up sampai 8GB, pemutar mp3/mp4, recorder Audio/video and camera VGA.

As connectivity HiTech H52 rely on Bluetooth A2DP.

HiTech G32 Dual On GSM

HiTech gives cheap cellular phone alternative with interesting feature that is HiTech G32.

HiTech G32 are sold at the market with price under 1 million rupiah.

Main Feature from Hi-Tech G32 for example Dual On GSM, video/audio player and recorder, camera VGA, radio FM, GPRS and WAP.

Samsung S7330Price Samsung S7330 around 3 Million Rupiah

Samsung S7330 that spelled out members cheap version of Samsung U900 Soul, sold with price around Rp. 3.000.000,-.

This Cellular phone uses touch screen technology as navigation and already used HSDPA.

Samsung S7330 provided with camera 3,15 megapixsel autofocuse with memory capacities that can be upgraded by provide slot microSD.

The Cellular phone that attached Radio FM stereo uses Bluetooth as konectivity.

How To Upgrade Office Sute S60v3

The following is way to upgrade Office Suite S60v3
1. Download Office Suite v5.00
2. Select the language
3. It's better to install in external memory
4. Restart

Upgrade Office Suite S60v3 piece of cake, right ?

Samsung M150Samsung M150 Cheap of Camera Handphone

Samsung M150 is handphone cheap with camera feature. The price of Samsung M150 is around 800 thousand rupiah only.

Camera that attached in Samsung M150 is camera with VGA resolutin

Samsung M150 in form of rodding with screen resolution 256K and 128 x 160 pixel.

As connectivity Samsung M150 rely on Bluetooth.

Nokia 1202 Cellphone For Countryside

Nokia 1202 is informed will be destined for rural celullar phone or countyside.

Main Feature of Nokia 1202 is flashlight and radio FM.

In other hand Nokia 1202 also will be equiped Phonebook that can be weared for five user people.

Nokia 3120 Classic Camera Phone 3G Cheap

Nokia 3120 Classic is celullar phone Nokia that claimed as the celullar phone has 3G tecnology with cheapest price.

Besides bring 3G technology, Nokia 3120 Classic also brings camera 2 megapixel with nice result of picture intake.

The Display of Nokia 3120 Classic is TFT 16 million colours and video CIF.

Nokia 3120 Classic is sold with price around 1,5 million rupiah.

K550iSony Ericsson K530i With Secondary Camera

Sony Ericsson K530i is one of camera celullar phone from Sony Ericsson besides K550i and K630i.

Sony Ericsson is recognized with celullar phone camera reliable's vendor and so it is with Sony Ericsson K530i with camera only has 2 megapixel resolution but if compared to other vendor which has 2 megapixel resolution, Sony Ericsson has been more exeeded.

To support service videocall Sony Ericsson K530i is also provided with secondary camera.

Sony Ericsson K530i is sold with price around 1,4 million rupiah.

LG Lotus Squre Phone Feature At Glance

The square phone LG Lotus (a wide 2.4-inch landscape screen) that available in black and purple colors is a digital dual band CDMA phone that's available from Sprint.

LG Lotus offer good video playback on Sprint TV, music and movie playback and GPS.

LG Lotus equipped with camera 2 megapixel that can take video with audio and the quality of the QVGA videos.

The price of LG Lotus is about $149.99.

LG KF310LG KF310 Price, Feature And Specification

Celullar phone 3G, LG KF310 is part of middle-weight celullar phone due to the price that offered is around 1,5 million rupiah.

From memory side LG KF310 has memory 24 MB and can be added with microSD card.

Display screen] that brought LG KF310 is 2,2 inchs TFT 262,144 colours, 176x220 pixel and camera videocall (VGA).

Impressive other Feature is the of Google technology like Google search, Google Maps, Gmail with konektifitas GPRS and Bluetooth v1.2.

Philips M600Philips M600 Price, Feature AndShort Specification

Vendor Philip with its newest product , Philips M600, tries fiddle around with middle market.

Philips M600 are supported technology 2G, GPRS 10, WAP 2.0, Java MIDP 2.0, smart phonebook, organizer, safeguard, memo voice and speaker phone.

Display Philips M600 is TFT 262,144, 2" and camera 1,3 MP Videos.

Philips M600 is sold in Indonesia with price around Rp. 1.750.000,-

Motorola W231Motorola W231 Cheap Cellular Phone

Cheap Handphone from Hallo Motto, Motorola W231, sold with price around 600.000 rupiah only.

Main Feature that brought Motorola W231 for example technology 2G, java MIDP 2.0, MP3 player, radio FM, jack audio 3.5mm.

The Motorola W231 memory also can be upgraded to because provide slot microSD.

Display screen of Motorola W231 is TFT 65.536 colours, 128x128 pixel with wide 1,6 inch.

For connectivity Motorola W231 supported by GPRS and port USB.

Nokia N96Nokia N96 Spec At Glance

Nokia N96 designed for video and TV entertainment with high quality video and large bright display 2.8” QVGA (240 x 320 pixels) LCD TFT display with up to 16 million colors with superb sound.

The video, music, pictures and maps can be stored with massive storage up to 16 GB expandable by microSD memory.

In general Nokia N96 has Weight 4.4 oz, Length: 4.10 in
, Width 2.20 in, Depth: 0.79 in.

The camera resolution of Nokia N96 is 5 megapixel with image file format: JPEG, EXIF.

Nokia 5130 XpressMusicNokia 5130 XpressMusic Feature Specification

Nokia 5130 XpressMusic is music phone that make you can listen the music and share your favorite media on the go.

Nokia 5130 XpressMusic is designed for music player with advance music player, integrated camera and a host of sharing options.

Format musics supported by Nokia 5130 XpressMusic are mp3 AAC, eAAC, eAAC+, MP3, Midi, WMA, WAMR, MXMF.

Memory Nokia 5130 XpressMusic can be added up to 2 GB by microSD card slot.

Nokia 1661Nokia 1661 Specification

Nokia 1661 claimed as user friendly, reliable and practical phone by Nokia.

Nokia 1661 which availabe in black and Grey colours, operates in Dual-band EGSM 900/1800, GSM 850/1900.

Nokia 1661 also claimed comes with a clear display, power internal antenna , FM RadioS and symbian S30 as its operating system

Call features of Nokia 1661 are the following :
-Integrated hands-free speakerphone
-Number screening for messaging and calls
-Automatic answer with headset or car kit
-Call waiting, call hold
-Call timer
-Logging of dialled, received and missed calls
-Automatic redial
-Speed dialling
-Fixed dialling number support
-Vibrating alert (battery)
-Conference calling with up to 3 participants
-Time tracker

Nokia 6110 NavigatorNokia 6110 Navigator Price And Short Review

If compared with Nokia 6210 Navigators, the price of Nokia 6110 Navigators is cheaper around 1 millions which is about 3,8 million whereas Nokia 6110 Navigators price is around 2,8 million.

Nokia 6110 Navigators are first cell phone navigator from Nokia and mentioned as pioner GPS cellphone.

Unhappily Nokia 6110 Navigators have not yet equipped by map software and its camera only use 2 megapixel.

For network Nokia 6110 Navigators have supported HSDPA. Nokia 6110 Navigators rely on Symbian S60 3rd Edition as its operating system.

Sony Ericsson W760iSony Ericsson W760i Price And Sort Review

Sony Ericsson W760i is music celullar phone or often called celullar phone walkman but tide of GPS facility receiver.

Excess of Sony Ericsson W760i is feature called Wayfinder that will work good to determine desired location.

Screen that attached in Sony Ericsson W760i is TFT 262K its colour and camera with resolution 3,15 megapixes.

As celullar phone walkman, Sony Ericsson W760i remain to present nice music voice.

Whereas for price, Sony Ericsson W760i are sold around 3 millions rupiah, not far from Nokia 6110 Navigators that about 2,8 million rupiahs.

Sony Ericsson C702Sony Ericsson C702 Price And Sort Specification

From price side, the Sony Ericsson C702 maybe the same with Nokia 6110 Navigators that is about 2,8 million and not much difference with its brother Sony Ericsson W760i that has price around 2,9 million.

Pledge Feature of Sony Ericsson C702 are Google maps , Wayfinder and GPS receiver & function, more exeeds compared with W760i that only hsd GPS receiver.

Screen used by Sony Ericsson C702 is TFT 262K colour, network HSDPA and camera 3,25 megapixel.

Samsung i550WNokia N82Samsung i550W Vs Nokia N78 Price And Sort Specification

Samsung i550W has equality with Nokia N78 that is from price facet, camera, operating system and GPS.

From price side, Samsung i550W and Nokia N78 is marketed with price around 3,2 million rupiahs. Meanwhile for camera, the both have resolution 3,15 megapixes. Operating system that used by both is Symbian S60 3rd Edition. GPS receiver & function also has been attached too.

That differentiating is its screen resolution. Samsung i550W uses TFT 262K colour whereas Nokia N78 has had resolution 16 million colours.

Nokia N82Nokia N82 Price And Main Specification

The price of Nokia N82 is about 4.300.000 rupiahs and has been supported by camera 5 megapixel.

GPS is one of pledge features of dari Nokia N82 beside HSDPA and Nokia Maps and use Sysmbian S60 3rd Edition as operating System.

Whereas for screen, Nokia N82 use TFT 16 million colours

LG KF900 PradaLG KF900 Prada Specification At Glance

LG KF900 Prada is cellular phone from LG that has 5 megapixel camera and D1 (720 x 480 pixels) videos at 30 fps video recording.

Built-in accelerometer also has been supported by LG KF900 Prada.

With 950 mAh Li-Ion battery, LG KF900 Prada operate in 900 and 2100 MHz 3G bands.

ony Ericsson W760aSony Ericsson W760a Walkman Mobile Phone

Sony Ericsson W760a Walkman sudah ditawarkan di AT&T.

Kekuatan 3G sudah mendukung Sony Ericsson W760a lengkap dengan kamera 3.2 mega piksel dan AT&T Navigator serta dukungan penuh browsing html.

Casing dari W760a tersedia dalam warna merah, hitam dan silver.

Harga dari Sony Ericsson W760a sekitar $129.99.

LG KG195Comparation Between LG KP320 And Nokia 7210

LG KP320 and Nokia 7210 are the 2 cell phone playing at middle level at the price of about Rp. 1,5 million.

From the screen side both LG KP320 and Nokia 7210 use 2 inch TFT 262 thousand colors QVGA, but from the camera side LG KP320 more pre-eminent because has 3 megapixel reolution while Nokia 7210 only has 2 mega pixel.

The Feature of Nokia 7210 which was not had by LG KP320 is email feature. While for others standard messaging both of them have SMS and MMS.

LG KP320 and Nokia 7210 both supporting requirement of music player , radio player, FM radio and game.

Cell phone which its battery capacity smaller is Nokia 7210 which only 860 mAh, while LG KP320 has 900 mAh.

Both of this cell phone which supported Java MIDP 2.0 technology have different memory, LG KP320 more pre-eminent by 90 MB while Nokia nokia has 7210 30 MB.

HTC Touch HD (High Definition)HTC Touch HD (High Definition) Internet Mobile and Entertainment

HTC Touch HD is new pre-eminent cell phone from HTC offering excelent mobile intenet and entertainment.

The touch screen navigation of HTC Touch HD claime better then the HTC previus product.

Features brought by HTC Touch HD is quite a lot for example handwriting recognition, Built-in GPS receiver, A-GPS function, TV-out, 3.5 mm audio output jack, RDS Stereo FM, Pocket Office etc.

Processor weared by HTC Touch HD is Qualcomm MSM7201a 528 Mhz. While the OS weared is Windows mobile 6.1 Professional.

HTC Touch HD has screen 3,8 inch, WVGA resolution with 5 megapixel camera.

Estimation, HTC Touch HD will be marketed by IV quarter 2008.

Sony Ericsson G705Sony Ericsson G705 Preview At Glance

G705 is web cell phone generation from Sony Ericsson to play high end class.

As cell phone of high end class of course Sony Ericsson G705 bring sophisticated fetures like GPS receiver, A-GPS dan Wifi DLNA, Google maps, Wayfinder Navigation, Autorotate, Photo fix, picture blogging, video blogging etc.

The camera offered by Sony Ericsson G705 is camera with 3,2 megapixel resolution and also video call camera. Result of video recorded directly can be uploaded to youtube by video blogging feature.

Estimated Sony Ericsson G705 will be marketed at 4th quarter 2008.

Samsung M8800 Bresson or Pixon

Samsung M8800 PixonSamsung has been announced the new 8 megapixel full touchscreen product called Samsung M8800 Bresson or Pixon.

Rather quietly strange in fact the name of Bresson or pixon, double call name.

However Samsung M8800 is becoming the second Samsung cell phone product that plugged 8 megapixel beside Samsung i8510 INNOV8.

Interestingly feature of Samsung M8800 are a weather and google widget feature beside TouchWiz from Samsung Omnia and Samsung F480 Tocco.

Although not as smartphone, Samsung M8800 has impressive specification and would be priced about 550 euro ($800) starting from November 2008.

StarTech ST79 Cell Phone With Dual Sim Card GSM-CDMA And TV Tuner Analog

StarTech ST79 is cell phone which has slot of sim card GSM and CDMA supported by touchscreen technlogy 262k color, camera, radio FM, video player and shake control.

At the price of about $184, you may to home StarTech ST79 cell phone which has TV Tuner Analogous .

StarTech ST79 has memory 2 MB with full supported by Java MIDP 2.0 and also bluetooth as the connectivity.

LG KM380LG KM380 is Sony Ericsson W350i Competitor

LG KM380 has screen TFT 262k warna, 240x320 pixel and 2 inch dimension, may be as Sony Ericsson W350i competitor.

LG KM380 can be categorized as slider music cell phone supported byaudio 3,5 mm port that do not have by Sony Ericsson W350i.

Radio FM, camera 1,3 MP, GPRS 10, WAP 2.0/xHtml, java MIDP 2.0 are main features of LG KM380 beside player MP3/WMA/AAC++ and bluetoth v.20 connectivity.

The market price is about $157.

RIM BlackBerry Bold (9000) SmartphoneRIM BlackBerry Bold (9000) Smartphone

RIM BlackBerry Bold (9000) Smartphone announced by RIM just about at May 2008.

RIM BlackBerry Bold (9000) Smartphone is just an alternative of smartphone product beside iPhone instead of as competitor.

The Bold use 480x320, 65k color screen with excelent UI display come up with silver trim and black casing.

New Intel PXA270 microprocessor with 624MHz of horsepower was packed to support performance the Bold.

The Bold will be available at Market with price about between $300 and $400.

Nokia 7210 Supernova Feature, Facilities And Price

Nokia 7210 Supernova look slim, at glance look like Nokia 5000, however the ability of phone cell which has screen FT 262k colors more prominent because has used camera 2MP and also memory card .

Nokia 7210 Supernova support quite a lot player such as MP3/AAC/AAC+/eAAC+/WMA/MPEG4.

Nokia 7210 Supernova also brought Radio FM Stereo (RDS) and use Bluetooth as the connectivity.

Macromedia Flash Lite 2.1, Adobe Flash 3.0 and flick upload attached in Nokia 7210 Supernova.

Motorola W388Motorola W388, Cheap Motorola Cell Phone

If you like to have a cheap cell phone product from Motorola, it’s not wrong to choose Motorola W388.

It’s really cheap because Motorola W388 already supported camera VGA and FM Radio.

Others, Motorola W388 equiped with GPRS 10, WAP 2.0/xhtml, memory 7,5 and also microSD.

Sony Ericsson W380aSony Ericsson W380a Overview

Sony Ericsson W380a the clamshell cell phone offers an easy way to control music and current track information on the outside.

Like a walkman, Sony Ericsson W380a has music buttons on outside so you can touch with your fingertips.

Beside music control buttons, W380a also has a gesture control so that may you to let your hand call the shots.

With Sony Ericsson W380a you can share your picture by publish on your blog in a short way.

Sony Ericsson W350aSony Ericsson W350a Fashionable Music Phone

Sony Ericsson W350a claimed to instant access to music with 470 songs stored.

As music cell phone, W350a offer simply operate the key by using the keys on the flip to browse songs, play and skip to the next track.

Like W760, Sony Ericsson W350a use TrackID. And interestingly W350a completed with FM Radio.

Sony Ericsson R306 RadioSony Ericsson R306 Radio Cell Phone

Sony Ericsson R306 come up by clamshell design or fold type so that make it differ from Sony Ericsson R300i.

Main feature of Sony Ericsson R306 is 2G

Fitur Utama dari Sony Ericsson R306 is 2G, internal TFT 65k colours, 128x160 pixel, sms, mms, email, GPRS 10, video, memori 5MB, radio FM/AM (RDS) recording, dedicated radio button, trackID music recognition, player MP3/AAC, java MIDP 2.0 dan Bluetooth.

Samsung i8510 INNOV8Samsung i8510 INNOV8 Feature And Specification

Samsung i8510 INNOV8 referred as a simple but sophisticated cell phone.EvenSamsung i8510 INNOV8 claimed as the best cell phone at its class.

Samsung i8510 INNOV8 brings DLNA technology able to send data through WiFi.

For Whose like photography,Samsung i8510 INNOV8 provided with camera 8MP by auto focus feature, flash, image stabilizer, facerecognition, smile/blink recognition and geo tagging.

Samsung i8510 INNOV8 supports digital mapping by GPS/A-GPS and has accomodated the 3G/HSDPA technology.

Samsung i8510 INNOV8 will be marketed in 2 type that is 8GB dan 16GB supported by external microSD card with capacity till 8GB.

Nokia 7610 SupernovaNokia 7610 Supernova Feature And Specification

At glance almost same with Nokia 7310 Supernova, but which make different is the design model which is slider and the camera already auto focus and 3.2MP resolution.

Nokia 7610 Supernova works at 2G with screen TFT 16 million colors. While 7610 Supernova supports many palyer format such as MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA dan MPEG4.

Other Features are radio FM Stereo (RDS), XpressOn Cover, sms, mms, email, IM, GPRS 32, video and Bluetooth v2.0.

Nokia 5300 XpressMusicNokia 5300 XpressMusic The Real Cellphone Music

Nokia 5300 XpressMusic is cell phone music with screen TFT 262k colors just for you the music mania.

With Nokia 5300 XpressMusic you can control your song by music panel locate on a cell phone side.

Nokia 5300 XpressMusic storages many more songs and you still want more, please add memory microSD up to 2GB.

Bluetooth (A2DP) Feature can be used to share songs with your friends.

Although as cell phone music, Nokia 5300 XpressMusic still has camera with resolution 1.3 megapixel

Xperia X1Sony Ericsson XPERIA™ X1 Product Flash Overview

Sony Ericsson XPERIA™ X1 is claimed as Convergence of communication and entertainment with simple touching panel interface.

Windows Mobile® plug inside Sony Ericsson XPERIA™ X1 that enjoy you on the move because Sony Ericsson XPERIA™ X1 is a premium mobile experince.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA™ X1 supported by QWERTY keyboard, so makes writing fast and easy.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA™ X1 is distictive and sophisticated design that can be proved at its arc slider design, 3 inch Wide VGA display and premium metal body.

Nokia N810Nokia N810 Specification Product

Nokia N810 is nokia product that may you to enjoy web 2.0 internet with Mozilla based browser full QWERTY keyboard and wide screen display.

Nokia N810 use maemo Linux based OS2008 that has known easy install for new applications, applets, and personalization
and also updatable through over the Internet.

Nokia N810 user interface language many country which are British English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, American English, Brazilian Portuguese, Canadian French, Latin American Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese.

BlackBerry® 8800,8820,8830BlackBerry® 8800,8820,8830 smartphone Flash Overview

BlackBerry® 8800,8820,8830 is like other BlackBerry products also called as smartphone.

With BlackBerry® 8800,8820,8830 were let you do best work from phone, email, organizer, web browsing and instant messaging. And then it goes a step further, providing GPS for enhanced access to location-based applications and services, including the pre-loaded BlackBerry® Maps application.

BlackBerry® 8800,8820,8830 is designed stylish, elegant and powerfull including video clips and music.

Sony Ericsson C902 Sony Ericsson C902 Product Summary

C902 is Sony Ericsson product whose can be labeled as Cyber-shot™ phone.

Sony Ericsson C902 offer the easily way of making focus shot. For example if you have people in your photo, activate Face detection. Your C902 will automatically find and focus on a face.

It's not wrong if Sony Ericsson C902 is called as Cyber-shot™ phone because you still can get perfect picture in the dark with poor lighting. BestPic™ will handle to fire automatically the photo flash.

And finally your picture can be share on your personal blog just in second. Even you can share your video quickly.

Apple iPhoneiPhone 3G 16GB Black Product Review

Talk about iPhone 3G is endless topics. iPhone 3G is Apple product Whose offer new feature such as high-spead networks and expanded e-mail.

iPhone 3G 16GB Black also has improved it's call quality so the result is music and video quality.

For general specification iPhone 3G especially iPhone 3G 16GB black product provide Apple MacOS X and run properly at WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM 850/900/1800/1900 and of cource along with wireless connectivity Bluetooth 2.0.

About Cellphone products. Exploration and review such as nokia, samsung, sony ericsson, LG, Startech, HiTect, etc

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